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ReAnimus Press Books

ReAnimus Press publishes best-selling books from award-winning authors. This is our authors' official web store. Ebooks are available directly on the site, without DRM; print books are sold through Amazon.com's printing service.


A Native American soldier goes to Vietnam on a special mission to win the war — with an eagle... [More...]

From strong-boxes to high-tech. [More...]

The ultimate guide to giving a great Film and Television Audition! [More...]

In the city at the center of time, paradox is just another urban renewal project. [More...]

Civilized, harmless virtual reality dueling has replaced all physical conflict — everything from punching someone over a personal insult to interstellar warfare... until a madman dictator of a small empire finds a way to cheat, and use the dueling machine to take over the galaxy! [More...]

Learn how to write SF from the master! Ben Bova, best-selling author and six-time Hugo Award winner for Best Editor explains step by step all the elements you need to write profesionally selling science fiction. [More...]

For Big Bang Theory fans, don't miss this indispensable guide! :) `A remarkably readable guide to the mysteries of cosmic creation'

When all the best of Earth's scientists are exiled to a space station, they decide to embark on an even grander adventure to the stars. An epic trilogy in one volume. [More...]

"One of the greatest collections of science fiction short stories ever" —Goodreads.com [More...]

GET SET FOR THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU! The banned book is back! You've heard of it, now you can read it! Lover and hero, Jack Barron, troubleshooter and media god of the Bug Jack Barron Show, has one last chance to hit it big when he meets Benedict Howards, the power-mad man with the secret to immortality. A Hugo and Nebula Award finalist! [More...]

A writer's hike through a landscape of illness and family dysfunction to find forgiveness, courage and joy. [More...]

An author's struggles to understand his father, and his own power as a writer. [More...]

Orion must travel back in time to change history and save Troy from the Greek army, or lose the only woman he has ever loved. [More...]

Time-traveling into the era of the dinosaurs, Orion must save the very fabric of spacetime from the satanic reptilian leader of the saurians. [More...]

Orion travels to the time of Alexander the Great, battling to save the future of mankind, and his own soul. [More...]

The superhuman, time-traveling Orion leads interstellar warriors in a galactic war among the gods themselves. [More...]

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Essays by the masters on SF as literature [in Print Format] [More...]

Six time Hugo winner Ben Bova's most sought-after novel is back in print! [More...]

The theory that came in from the cold... [More...]

There has never been a city with more prisons than London... [More...]

David Sanger, an ambitious young physicist, attends a party at which a pompous older scientist, who just happens to have thrwarted the younger man's innovative ideas, is murdered. Suddenly it is not just David's career, but his life that is at stake. Are his ideas that important? Who's out to stop David from changing the world? [More...]

Mitch Arno always meant bad news for Folsum, Oregon... [More...]

Mankind rules a giant galactic empire, but not all the worlds are pleased. Can the Star Watch prevent a revolt? [More...]

Troubling tales as only Ed Bryant can tell. Don't miss the author introductions! [More...]

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Tired of his low-level job with the American space program, engineer Jerry Reed makes enemies of friends when he moves to Paris, where the EEC and the Soviet Union have joined to create a renaissance in space exploration. [in Print Format] [More...]

In 2106, microscopic machine/creatures escape their creators to populate the inner solar system with a wild, deadly ecology all their own, pushing the tattered remnants of humanity out into the cold and dark of the outer planets. Seven astronauts must embark on mankind's boldest venture yet—the perilous journey home to infected Earth! [More...]

Aliens kidnap Manhattan; read all about it! [More...]

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Renowned science fiction writer Adolf Hitler's Hugo Award winning novel! [in Print Format] [More...]

Chet Kinsman is an astronaut ace who has done everything in space—including committing the first murder. Kinsman has to confront his hidden past and decide Earth's destiny, in a desperate countdown to nuclear annihilation. [More...]

“Wondrous... An oral scrapbook of the pioneering days of our video nation”The New York Times Book Review [More...]

Island One is a celestial utopia, and David Adams is its most perfect creation. But David is a prisoner, destined to spend his life in an island-sized cylinder orbiting a doomed home planet. David has a plan—one that will ultimately save humanity... or destroy it. [More...]

Altair VI isn't making it easy to Terraform! [More...]

An alternate universe? A different dimension? The "id" of America? [More...]

You really thought the story ended there??? [More...]


The Remarkable Story of Darwin's Captain and the Invention of the Weather Forecast [More...]

Forty light years from earth, the colonists on the world of Unua have somehow managed to keep civilization struggling on, despite twice daily earthquakes... [More...]

All 8 ebooks in the XPERTS Series for a special low price! [More...]

Marcus, a physics student, discovers that he has strong telekinetic powers during a climb in the mountains. — "Maurer puts the readers under his spell with this novel about telekinesis."—WDR-TV [More...]

2nd in the XPERTS series. [More...]

3rd in the XPERTS series. [More...]

4th in the XPERTS series. [More...]

5th in the XPERTS series. [More...]

6th in the XPERTS series. [More...]

The 7th book in the XPERTS series. [More...]

8th in the XPERTS series. [More...]

The bestselling book and basis for the Emmy award-winning documentary now available in ebook edition! [More...]

In this all-encompassing work, Ben Bova explores the subject of light and shows how it has shaped every aspect of our existence. [More...]

THE OFFICIAL, DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO EDGAR RICE BURROUGH'S BARSOOM. Everything there is to know about John Carter of Mars and his world — the people, places and things, with maps and fully illustrated. [More...]

An indispensible tool for all science fiction writers, Space Travel explains the science you need to help you make your fiction plausible. [More...]

When a reporter joins a popular musical couple on tour, strange and violent things begin to happen... [More...]

Amazing stories of Manhattan from those who lived them. [More...]

A private eye uncovers a long-buried starship...that's still occupied. [More...]

The sequel to Aggressor Six, one of the major characters is wakened from a two-thousand-year cryostatis, and struggles to come to terms with the changes, including an unthinkable union. [More...]

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The singular reference work to SF, vol.1. [in Print Format] [More...]

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The singular reference work to SF, vol.2. [in Print Format] [More...]

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The singular reference work to SF, vol.3. [in Print Format] [More...]

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The singular reference work to SF, all vols.1-3. [in Print Format] [More...]

One of the famous Ace Doubles, with the wonderful original cover, The Mars Monopoly still stands today as a great, fun story in the classic style. [More...]

Co-written with Harlan Ellison and based on the award-winning script, the story of mankind's last salvation gone awry. [More...]

Live anywhere you want... in any time... A collection of Karen Haber's best short fiction. [More...]

After conquering everything else, the last frontier was... controlling Mother Nature! By the award-winning hard SF author of the Grand Tour series. [More...]

Unraveling the mystery of life on earth... [More...]

The history of the brilliant Futurians—Asimov, Blish, Pohl, et al.—told by an insider. Fully illustrated. [More...]

Meet the new Khan! Soon to be immortal... A Hugo and Nebula Award Finalist novel from a Grand Master of science fiction. [More...]

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The streets are filled with Uzi-toting enforcers and wire heads—but Glorianna O'Toole and others have a plan to fix the world. Rock'n'roll to the rescue... [in Print Format] [More...]

Dr. Bova explores the future effects of science and technology on the human life span. Death will no longer be the inevitable end of life. [More...]

An alien armada from the center of Orion makes its deadly way through the galaxy, destroying all human life in the process, and only Marine Corporal Kenneth Jonson and the Aggressor Six team can stop the onslaught. [More...]

A small group of survivors fight to rebuild civilization after the Earth is devastated by a huge solar flare. [More...]

Have you ever wished you could go back to the good old days? At Timeshare Unlimited, you can. [More...]

Timeshare series #2 — John Surrey has to drag a customer back from the Roaring '20s. [More...]

Timeshare series #3 — John Surrey ventures back to WWII... [More...]

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[in Print Format] [More...]

Vol.1 of a 2 volume set of 19 master stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners. [More...]

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The definitive concordance to the epic "Lensman" and "Skylark" novels. [in Print Format] [More...]

Why are cheetahs the most perfect of creatures? Besides because they're cats, that is... Cool, mind-blowing stories from a master. [More...]

A family of geniuses peers into the future... [More...]

A provocative search through space and time for a cosmic blueprint—and the source of life in the universe. [More...]

Alien artifacts found on Callisto... [More...]

Nobel Prize for Literature nominee Jaime Martinez Tolentino presents 13 stories of the fantastic. [More...]

Science fiction and science fact, humor and adventure, all await when you enter the unpredictable world of... MAXWELL'S DEMONS [More...]

How things really work in the art and commerce of publishing by a three-time SFWA President. [More...]

Earth's sun will soon explode, unless a massive engineering effort can save it. [More...]

The (mostly!) true story of America's greatest hoax, with a fantastic(al) twist from an award-winning author. [World Fantasy Award finalist!] "An inspired novel."TIME Magazine. "A masterpiece...arguably this year's best novel."Kirkus Reviews. [More...]

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The Movement—was it the greatest con of all time, or the last true religion? A chilling novel about the evil of cults. [in Print Format] [More...]

What is a Haploid? Are YOU a Haploid? A new take on an age-old battle! By a master of episodes from The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. [More...]

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The novel that not just predicts the next century of climate change, but what will be done about it... [in Print Format] [More...]

A comprehensive encyclopedia of quantum physics. [More...]

Eyewitnesses saw Travis kill his father... or did they? [More...]

An octet of stories from the genius of humorous, fantastical, surreal stories. [More...]

Best. Travel. Book. Ever. (With all original illustrations.) [More...]

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A novel and more by E.E. "Doc" Smith. [in Print Format] [More...]

A novel about the fast-lane life in the publishing world, by the award-winning Norman Spinrad. [More...]

Special Collectors' Edition! Six time Hugo winner Ben Bova's most sought-after novel is now an ebook with the original Mel Hunter cover and an essay from Ben on the history of the book! [More...]

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Only the sorcerers of Space Systems, Inc., dare traffic in the "Black Sciences"... "leads the reader gently toward wider and more awesome vistas"—Larry Niven [in Print Format] [More...]

Seven buddies meet — then suddenly the members begin to commit suicide in the most peculiar ways. Or is it murder? A novel from a Twilight Zone master. [More...]

"I have seen the future and I won't go," says Jim Morrison, of the Doors. [More...]

Spanning millions of years and the breadth of the universe, The Sigil Trilogy is an epic tale that explores the nature of humanity, belief, and love. [More...]

Book Two of Henry Gee's incredible Sigil Trilogy! [More...]

The concluding volume of Henry Gee's incredible Sigil Trilogy! [More...]

The amazing Sigil Trilogy complete in one volume! [More...]

Stories described as "quite brilliant" from a "major talent". Plus collaborations with Jim Morrison (of the Doors) and Michael Bishop. [More...]

Dr. Scheckley never dreamed all four of his most critical mental patients would stroll out the gate — with his own mistress. [More...]

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Symbiotically linked to her ship, Void Pilot Dominique Alia Wu senses something transcendent in the void... [in Print Format] [More...]

A fantastic adventure across the United States awaits in the first ebook edition of Jules Verne's rarest book. [More...]

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A fantastic adventure across the United States awaits in this replica edition of Jules Verne's rarest book. [in Print Format] [More...]

The exciting sequel to NIGHT WIND, by Roberta Jean Mountjoy [More...]

Get ready for a series of future shocks from the award-winning Ben Bova! [More...]

Dr. Sidney Lee races against time to prevent the huge alien machines on Titan from destroying mankind. [More...]

Five uncanny stories from the amazing Kate Wilhelm. [More...]

Who murdered the bestselling author? [More...]

A Barbara Holloway mystery: Whose client did it, hers -- or her father's? [More...]

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Essays on SF by the masters [in Print Format] [More...]

How could they lose 11 years of their life—at the same time!? By a master of episodes from The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. [More...]

Award winning steampunk from a master! [More...]

A collection of some of Bud Webster's best SFnal columns [More...]

The secret that separates pro fiction from beginners', and how to capitalize on it. [More...]

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An in-depth analysis of Heinlein's favorite novels. [in Print Format] [More...]

A quick family visit turns into a battle of magic between good and evil [More...]

No end to Danny's sentence, watched by a sentient computer, and no way out of the escape-proof prison, there was only one thing to do... [More...]

The blueprint for SF writers to create amazing, realistic fictional worlds. [More...]

The Enemy rules the Earth and you will die if you resist... unless you can sneak your way to Point Ultimate. By a master writer for Star Trek and The Outer Limits. [More...]

Cal Donley regains consciousness on the beautiful orbital colony Daedalus—but Cal doesn't remember leaving Earth, or his name or the past dozen years! [More...]

The Tragedy Of MAKONA, Shaman Of Kawdor. [More...]

A wonderfully funny mix of Andy Rooney and Garrison Keillor. Biff America poignantly writes what the American people need to know. Through it all, Biff America has a gift for revealing the uplifting realities of modern life and, sometimes, his humor will make you blow beer through your nose. [More...]

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The true story of a famous Berkeley murder and a landmark Supreme Court case. [in Print Format] [More...]

A great science fiction mystery: Dan sees the telecast from Mars where his brother dies—and it's not an accident. Why is a certain reporter uncannily at each disaster so quickly? [More...]

What really was Dr. Costigan's tool for medical research? Where did the eye of the needle actually lead to? [More...]

Doomsday, Dinosaurs, and Humankind [More...]

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A superb collection of the de Camps' work. [in Print Format] [More...]

Another excellent exploration of What It's All About, by Mr. Magical Realism. With footnotes.* [More...]

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Was it the perfect murder? A true story. [in Print Format] [More...]

Book 1 of the Children of the Desert. Out on the sands, the harsh glare of the sun reveals more about the world—and themselves—than they ever wanted to know. [More...]

Book 2 of the Children of the Desert series. [More...]

Book 3 of the Children of the Desert series. To find redemption, they must risk their sanity—and their souls. [More...]

Book 4 of the Children of the Desert series. Sometimes, love just gets in the way. [More...]

The prophecy is fulfilled. The fifth world has fallen. The sixth world is born, and only one man holds the secret of the late empire... [More...]

A riveting exploration of what it means to be an alien... Explorers inside a moon-sized alien ship must find its secrets before it kills them. [More...]

The cult hit novel set in the not-too-distant future about a reluctant rebel's defiance of his role in a bar coded society. [More...]

Nick Naught, private eye, walks down some strange mean streets, in an action-packed comedy set in the future. [More...]

Among the Dead and Other Events Leading to the Apocalypse by Edward Bryant : A marvelous collection of wickedly apocalyptic stories by a two-time Nebula Award winning author. [More...]

SF from a great, Nebula Award winning author. [More...]

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How did Frodo's mithril coat ward off the fatal blow of an orc? Can Balrogs fly? Nature editor Dr. Henry Gee explains how. A must-read for Tolkien fans. [in Print Format] [More...]

An amazing history of Jeffco. With 2,000 pictures, a must read for everyone living in the Denver area or interested in the history of Colorado and the West! [More...]

If you've ever served on a jury, you'll enjoy The Juror, and if not, you might insist on a summons! [More...]

The Sting was what made Ronica McBride special—now she was crashed on an unknown planet without it. [More...]

Using her rare power over human minds, Ronica McBride vows to destroy the corruption tearing apart the interstellar empire. [More...]

An enticing historical romance set in the old west, by Roberta Jean Mountjoy [More...]

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The history and full data on the Hugos, Nebulas, and WFA. [in Print Format] [More...]

No subject is taboo for Atheling's shredding, making this a textbook for authors and a delight for readers. [More...]

More scalpel-sharp delights for the writer and reader. [More...]

As the President is speaking inside an auditorium in Boston, the President's Press Secretary discovers a body in an alley outside: The body of the President. [More...]

How to avoid anachronisms in fiction to keep your prose timeless. [More...]

Lara and Vinny had a lovely marriage... until he turns up dead and she turns up a large insurance policy. [More...]

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A nostalgic look at Galaxy Magazine. [in Print Format] [More...]

Vesik, Book 2 [More...]

Vesik, Book 3 [More...]

Vesik, Book 4 [More...]

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All his life, Fraden had been in control... but on Sangre, he had been tampered with, and now he was afraid. [in Print Format] [More...]

Two Nebula Award finalist stories plus even better stories from one of the few Native American SF authors. [More...]

A man returning for a high school reunion on a distant colony finds an old flame in trouble—trouble that he's uniquely qualified to deal with. [More...]

A hilarious handbook of devious diversions and stratagems for winning at chess. [More...]

Thorinn is thrown into a well by his father to appease the rumbling gods... and down he goes! [More...]

Salvador Dali introduces a collection of Strete's stories. [More...]

Troubleshooter Larson McCade searches for the alien Book of Aradka on the planet Seltique, and may find more than he bargained for. [More...]

Add a basilisk, a dragon, and weirdragons to the mix-up of a theft going from bad to worse: Friends become enemies and enemies friends, wars loom, and the intrigues threaten the fate of two kingdoms. [More...]

Charlie and Constance meet Brother Amos, speaker to the dead. [More...]

Charlie and Constance face sudden outbreaks of murderous insanity... [More...]

Everyone hated Dr. Sheridan and were secretly glad he was brain dead... except he wasn't! A nightmare from a master Twilight Zone author. [More...]

Bud expertly dissects the great SF anthologies. A must for writers and SF fans. [More...]

The premier book of SF insight for all SF readers and writers. [More...]

Charlie, a serial arsonist? [More...]

The classic guide to writing short fiction - Revised & Expanded 3rd ed. [More...]

A collection of James Blish's excellent essays on science fiction and fantasy. [More...]

War Minstrels #1. Kayla, an extraordinarily gifted young telepath, is on the run after challenging the most powerful families on her home planet, who've tried to take everything from her. [More...]

War Minstrels #2. With powerful forces trying to stop the Free Traders, the starship Falstaff is no longer a safe refuge for renegade empath Kayla John Reed. Now her survival and all the War Minstrels' hinges upon her finding a legendary weapon. [More...]

War Minstrels #3. Empath Kayla and her War Minstrels must rescue her friends from the evil Yates, and prevent the destruction of all they've fought for. [More...]

Hollywood... a jungle where a new set of predators is clawing savagely for domination. [More...]

Brother Sammy Wants YOU! In prison. For something you haven't done yet. [More...]

One of the famous Ace Doubles, with the wonderful original cover, One Against Herculum remains a fast-paced, fun story that you'll really enjoy. [More...]

More than just an amazing and inspirational story, more than just a window into what it's like having a #1 hit song and working with music greats like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson, Charlene's autobiography is also a must-read for anyone considering a career in music. [More...]

A hilarious handbook of devious diversions and stratagems for winning at bridge. [More...]

Finding the cure for all diseases comes with a heavy price. Nebula Award winner! [More...]

A great collection of Native American Science Fiction. Yes, you read that right. Nebula finalist! [More...]

Who exactly was her husband, why has he disappeared, and is he trying to kill her? [More...]

11 new SF stories by master storyteller Kate Wilhelm. [More...]

Seven famous SF authors—Heinlein, Campbell, "Doc" Smith, Williamson, de Camp, van Vogt, & Taine—offer some of the best explanations ever on how to write SF. [More...]

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Pacifica was a monument to freedom and equality—until the off-worlders came... [in Print Format] [More...]

The acclaimed novel about the games people play and when they suddenly lose their rules... [More...]

Sir William Wallace, the Scots hero, left his daughter three things... [More...]

The new theater director brings more than Shakespeare to town... [More...]

What is Ramon's hold on Carl, one of the richest men in the country? Charlie and Constance must find out. [More...]

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For 300 years the Solarians had isolated themselves from the galaxy with the promise to reappear one day to bring victory. With the human race at stake in a war with machine-like beings, can Jay Palmer accept them and their dangerous plan to surrender Earth? [in Print Format] [More...]

Lured into the world of the magical korrigans, young twins Tiphaine and Gromer may never break their enchantment. [More...]

One man must stop starship hijackers from using an unusual starship to plunder a wealthy colony. [More...]

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Proceedings of the Institute for Twenty-First Century Studies [in Print Format] [More...]

Lawyer-turned-golf pro Kieran Lenahan must solve the murder of millionaire country-club owner Sylvester Miles. "A FAST-PACED MYSTERY"—THE NEW YORK TIMES [More...]

Lawyer turned golf pro Kieran Lenahan's pro shop is torched, and his famed caddie is murdered. It only goes down hill from there... "DALY SCORES A BIRDIE"—PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY [More...]

Lawyer turned golf pro Kieran Lenahan wakes up in the hospital with amnesia... and a dead woman. "DALY SCORES A BIRDIE"—PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY [More...]

A gothic modern scientific fiction horror mystery... [More...]

Vol.2 of a 2 volume set of 19 master stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners. [More...]

Borley Share has found a pattern: Every thirty years, beautiful women mysteriously vanish from the Earth... it's now another 30 years. [More...]

A stinging SFnal, futuristic satire on the TV industry, based a bit on reality. [More...]

The amazing memoir of astronaut Bill Pogue, long-time holder of the world record for most days in space. [More...]

Quick, find out what's lurking in your dreams before you fall asleep again! A nightmare from a Twilight Zone master author. [More...]

A monumental, richly romantic historical with a subtle touch of fantasy. [More...]

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In the exotic Second Starfaring Age, a girl wanders the many worlds seeking her destiny—an SFnal On the Road. [in Print Format] [More...]

Sam and Lori had just met, and now they're dead... ghosts... trying to solve the mystery of how they died—and prevent a murder... [More...]

A executive woman who has never had time for love stumbles into a land of magic, 200 years in the past. [More...]

What were all the people in the town doing at night that made them so sleepy during the day? By a master of episodes from The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. [More...]

Vonnegut meets Catch-22! In the last hours of his hectic life, Simon Apple faces up to the hard truth that his very survival represents a prescription for disaster, not only for the pharmaceutical industry but for the nation itself! From award-winning author Harvey Jacobs. [More...]

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Ecoterrorists take over an LA TV station, wired to blow up the planet... and the ratings are going through the roof. [in Print Format] [More...]

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Boris Johnson and the agents of CHAOS want democracy. The Hegemony doesn't. What do the Assassins want? The Aliens? [in Print Format] [More...]

In the middle of the third dance, Margaret's world stopped for a heartbeat, then continued with the comfortable direction of her life completely changed... [More...]

There is a strange force at work in the universe. It must be stopped. But first, it must be understood. [More...]

Modern day witch Angela Black faces some strange goings on with an old flame. [More...]

A young Indian boy struggles to accept his grandfather's rapidly approaching death. [More...]

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The definitive, rigorous analysis of Heinlein's work. [in Print Format] [More...]

The largest sea vessel ever built — and a deadly arena! [More...]

The alien plague returns, and CV is part of the sinister solution. [More...]

CV #3... The symbionts are having a fascinating effect on people... [More...]

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The only thing more dangerous than the Plague—is the cure... [in Print Format] [More...]

14 year old Davy finds himself facing a powerful underground group who have lived for hundreds of years—and want to see him dead. The future of human existence is in the balance... [More...]

Here are a dozen and a half views of the world, past present and future, as seen through the Astral Mirror.... [More...]

Are we the master of our own minds? A novel by a master of episodes from The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. [More...]

She couldn't have a baby... Then she got pregnant—but with what? By a master of episodes from The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. [More...]

The greatest of treasures awaits... on the deadliest of planets. [More...]

In farthest space lie hidden fortunes... and unknown enemies. [More...]

Rickard Braeth and friends must find the galaxy's secret—before it's used to destroy everything! [More...]

A delightful children's book from Motown #1 hit singer Charlene. [More...]

(Shhh! A Secret of Great Writing) [More...]

The first of the Barbara Holloway Mysteries. [More...]

"He killed her because she was naked. It was innocent murder..." [More...]

Art retreats and land developers don't mix in this Charlie & Constance mystery. [More...]

A trio of twisted little tales from the master of twistedness. [More...]

A hard look at the American Dream, and visions of things to come. [More...]

Whoever finds the $5,000,000 hidden in the dead man's house gets to keep it—a recipe for murder and calling in Charlie and Constance. [More...]

19 master stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners. [More...]

Frank Borchard remembers how it felt to be dead... [More...]

Charlie and Constance face a setup—had their young clients plotted the murder in advance? [More...]

Charlie and Constance investigate insurance fraud, and a ruthless killer isn't happy about that. [More...]

Stunning stories by a master of SF. [More...]

A guide to buying and selling used SF books. [More...]

He never set out to be a serial killer; it was a role fate thrust upon him. [More...]

With murder afoot, just how smart is the smart house? [More...]

A delightful children's tale by the best-selling author John Gribbin's son Ben. [More...]

Ben Bova's universe is always more than the sum of its parts... [More...]

An autobiographical novel about the author's time with Jim Morrison. [More...]

Why would anyone murder a man marked for full body and brain restoration? [More...]

A must-read essay for all Readers and Writers of Science Fiction [More...]

Sixteen-year-old Einar enters Jorghaven for dueling and desserts, but a curse has changed everyone except Barbara Bloodbath, who needs his help to free the city! [More...]

Einar, book 2 - Einar lands in a whirlwind of tournaments, assassins, and ice cream. [More...]

The placid woods of Spender's Ferry muffle a teeming jungle of secrets... [More...]

A Native American girl visits family... in a house haunted by ghosts. [More...]

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