Kafka's Uncle: The Unfortunate Sequel

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by Bruce Taylor

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You thought Kafka's Uncle ended with Anslenot climbing into the coal bucket to ascend into the regions beyond the ice? You really thought the story ended there? Oh, no—

Anslenot is back and the story continues in the regions beyond the ice which turn out, alas, to be bleak and cold indeed . . . and with him once more, his friend/confidant/tormentor, the tarantula. Together, they explore these frozen lands and encounter denizens such as the Media Bird, a praying mantis by the name, of course, of Jonny Mantis, the Little White-Haired Girl, the Blizzard Beast among many others. But ultimately, they discover the solace—of Kafka.

Also included is the story, Dusk's Mirror and how, through the eyes of children, we come to discover, once again, just how magical reality truly is.

And 23 short stories, some previously published, round out this collection.

"A very gifted short story writer."—Jeff VanderMeer

"Bruce Taylor has earned the title of "Mr. Magic Realism" by dint of producing works that are fascinating, insightful, and downright fun to read. His fiction will make you think . . . And smile."—Ben Bova

"The transformational figure for science fiction."—Elton Elliott, former editor, "The Science Fiction Review"

"As rich and poetic as Bradbury at his best."—William F. Nolan, author of Logan's Run

"a very gifted short fiction writer"
—Jeff VanderMeer

"A writer of imagination and insight, Bruce Taylor delivers a collection of stories that amazes and intrigues."
—Terry Brooks


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