ReAnimus Return Policy

We believe you shouldn't have to worry that you're stuck with a book if you hate it. Amazon lets you return an ebook within seven days—we're glad to let you return one within 30 days, no questions asked. (Okay, we'd be curious to know why you disliked it, but you don't have to answer.)

Ebooks you purchase from the ReAnimus Store are eligible for return and refund within 30 days of the date of purchase. Use the form below to request a refund. Once we receive your request we will promptly refund your purchase back to the Paypal account you purchased with.

Notes... Please be aware that after we process the refund you will no longer be able to download the book from our site, and since we request you to affirm that you've deleted all the copies of the book you bought, the book will be fully returned and inaccessible to you. Since we sell DRM-free copies we're trusting in your honor that you're not out to steal anything.

Please also note we can only refund purchases made directly through the ReAnimus site. If you purchased your book through Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, etc., please contact them for their return policy. We have no way to process a return through them.

Refund Request

We're sorry to hear you didn't like one of our books! But we want you to have a great experience so let's put things right:

Please enter your name:

Please enter the Paypal email address that you used to make the purchase:

Please enter the title of the book you purchased and wish to return:

Please delete every copy of this book that you have, then check this box to acknowledge that you have no copies of this book (since keeping it after you got a refund would be stealing, which is way uncool):
Yes, I affirm I have deleted all copies of this book that I purchased.

Optional: We'd be interested to know why you disliked the book enough to return it, if you would be willing to tell us:

Please enter the words below (sorry, sorry, but yes, we've had robospammers use this form to bombard us with junk):

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