By Furies Possessed

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by Ted White

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Tad Dameron's assignment was routine enough: escort Bjonn, the alien from Farhome, on the final leg of his journey to Earth, and learn what he could about the alien's culture. From the beginning Dameron realized that there was something strange and ominous about Bjonn, something in his eyes and the way he spoke, even the way he helped himself, that forewarned of danger. Then Bjonn was gone, slipped away to mingle with Earth's teeming millions, and with him the beautiful Dian, Dameron's partner. When next he surfaced, Bjonn was heading a new religion—one that threatened to subvert all humanity. Dameron found himself embarked upon the most dangerous job of his career to halt the alien menace.


  Buy from Amazon (paperback)  

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