Innocents Abroad (Fully Illustrated & Enhanced Collectors' Edition)

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by Mark Twain

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ReAnimus Press presents the only fully illustrated paperback or ebook edition of Mark Twain's classic and timeless travel book - with all 234 of the original wonderful illustrations not found in other editions.


The Innocents Abroad details Mark Twain's journey on the very first cruise from the United States. And what a cruise! It was a six month grand tour of the Mediterranean and Holy Lands (Paris! Rome! Venice! Jerusalem! Cairo!), crossing the Atlantic both ways stopping at islands along the way.

This collectors' edition has been enhanced to include not only all the original 234 beautiful, humorous, and indispensable illustrations—not found in other editions—but also archival photos of the cruise ship itself, a history of the ship from the U.S. Navy, a biography of Mark Twain and many photos, including some of how he looked at the age he was during this voyage.

Mark Twain was excellent at capturing the character of people and places. As one of America's most famous humorists, his satirical, subtle style brings smiles of humor and recognition into even the most matter of fact subjects. The Innocents Abroad was Twain's most famous work during his lifetime, and earned him his reputation as one of America's foremost writers. It's amazing how much it sounds like a modern day cruise and is in many ways still a valuable travel guide.

So come journey to amazing ports on a modern cruise with Mark Twain as your personal guide, and bring the book along as a reference when you travel. All aboard!!

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Mark Twain is one of America's greatest authors and humorists. He is the author of classics such as Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and scores of other famous titles in addition to Innocents Abroad (his best-selling book during his life).


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