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Timeshare: A Time for War, by Joshua Dann
Some Dreams Are Nightmares, by James Gunn
Why Do Birds, by Damon Knight
Bells of the Kingdom, by Leona Wisoker
The Unborn, by Brian Herbert

Smashwords has some size and shape rules for cover art, which can be hard for many authors to check. This form checks them for you:

1. Browse to your cover image file here:

2. Then click:

(And if you need any other help with your ebook production, formatting, covers, scanning, OCRing, proofreading, etc., please contact us. It's what we do, and we'd be glad to help you.)

Why this is free

This is a free service because I like to help authors get published. Since my publishing company publishes our own books via Smashwords, I realize how Smashwords' rules can be hard for authors to check, it's a common issue, and something easy to write a program to check.

I don't ask for donations or anything, though if you feel the urge, I also founded (a free writers' workshop that accepts donations) and (the first free ISP, free email/web hosting, and accepts donations). We also publish lots of good books you could buy and/or give glowing reviews to on social media, which we and our authors always appreciate. :)

I hope this site helps you!

—Andrew Burt

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