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We at ReAnimus Press think Smashwords is great, and use it to distribute the ebooks we produce for our authors. However, we know (firsthand!) that it can be time-consuming to create a table of contents that they approve of.

This free tool helps you insert a ToC they'll like. We've found that's a real time-saver. (Note that the free option may not preserve photos or other images in your file.)

Here's what you do (or see options #2 or 3 below if you want us to do part or all of the work for a small fee):

(0. Be sure to save a backup copy of your original file under a different name just in case.)

1. Remove any existing Table of Contents.

    [Or... not! New feature!-- Use Word's ToC feature, and skip to step 3 below. NOTE: If you use Word's ToC feature, you'll need to turn on the 'Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers' option by right clicking inside the ToC field, doing Edit Field, click Table of Contents, and click the checkbox for this feature. Note also this will remove any other "field" codes you've put in your .doc, but Smashwords will get upset if you have any anyway, so this is a good thing; just FYI. We're calling this a "beta" test feature for the moment; it hasn't failed yet, but just in case, we don't want to get your expectations set that this is perfect.]

2. Insert the following markup text into your Smashwords .DOC file:

{{toc}}Where you want the Table of Contents to go. (For slightly more complex ToC setups, click here to read about some advanced features.)
{{tc}} In front of each Chapter or other headings you want in the ToC.

So your file will look something like:

	... front matter...
	{{tc}}Chapter 1
	{{tc}}Chapter 2
	{{tc}}About the Author

3. To convert it:

Option#1: Do it yourself for Free Option#2: You add the codes, have us convert it, for $15 to cover our time Option#3: Have us do it all, for $25 to cover our time

Since we can't convert a .DOC file in our automated software, for the free option, we need you to upload a .HTM(HTML) file, not a .DOC file, so...:

Save your .doc file as a .HTM file (in Word, do File / Save As and select the file type of "Web Page" [not "Single File Web Page", which the software doesn't know how to handle].

NOTE: This freebie may not work for files with images in them; you may have to have us do it if there are any images. (Better chance if you place the new .HTM file in the same folder as the one you upload.)

Upload that .HTM (or .HTML) file here:

If you've already added the "{{toc}}" and "{{tc}}" markup to the file yourself, or already set the file up with Word's ToC feature, but want us do the save-as stuff and send you back your .DOC (which also works for files with images), please enter your...
name: ,
email: , and upload your .DOC file here:

If you'd like us to do all the work — steps 1-5, adding the "{{toc}}" and "{{tc}}" markup to the file (up to 25; ask us if >25), and have us do the save-as stuff —and send you back your .DOC (which also works for files with images), please enter your...
name: ,
email: , and upload your .DOC file here:

3a. Select which option: FREE automated conversion    Option 2 ($15)    Option 3 ($25)

3b. Browse to your file here:

3c. Then click:

4. If you're using the free tool, then save the output file as a .HTM file; go into Microsoft Word; open the .HTM file (File / Open within Word); and save it out as a .DOC using Save-As. (If we're doing the work, we'll email you the .doc file.)

If you need any other help with your ebook production, formatting, covers, scanning, OCRing, proofreading, etc., please contact us. It's what we do, and we'd be glad to help you.

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